Resources by truonglv

Promote and Demote User truonglv
Unmaintained Promote and Demote User 2.0.8
Allow Moderator Or Admin Quickly Promote Or Demote User
Registration Greeting truonglv
Unmaintained Registration Greeting 1.0.7
Registration Greeting
Quick Reply For Guest truonglv
Unmaintained Quick Reply For Guest 1.0.9
Allow guest reply to thread then login/register.
Unmaintained External Accounts Counter 1.0.0
Show statistic of external account base provider
Instagram Authenticate (Integration) truonglv
Login to forum with Instagram account.
Password Rules truonglv
Unmaintained Password Rules 1.0.3
Set the rules to password and protect your users.
Unmaintained All Threads By Users 1.0.1
Find all threads was created by users
Allow users customize how much display threads, posts and conversations per page
Post as Staff truonglv
Unmaintained Post as Staff 1.0.6 $6.99
Reply to thread as staff
Unmaintained Node Title Length 1.0.1
Increase of Node Title.
Banlist truonglv
Unmaintained Banlist 1.1.2
List all users who have been banned
Style Permissions truonglv
Unmaintained Style Permissions 1.0.6
Allows you to choose which usergroups/individual usergroups can view/access a style
Unmaintained Ignore Threads & Nodes 1.1.1
Ignore if you don't want to see threads
Unmaintained Minecraft Banlist 1.0.5 $20.00
Show list players who banned on Minecraft Sever
Unmaintained Custom Usergroups Widget 0.25
Show list user of specific groups
Show all threads was created by user in particular forums
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