Quick Reply For Guest

Unmaintained Quick Reply For Guest 1.0.9

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Great addon, I am sure this will boost registrations nicely. I wish there was an option to enable this for all forums instead of selecting each forum manually. I might forget to go back and add them if I add a new forum section in the future.
this addon Help people to register and participate in your community, good support, no branding and totally free, what more could we ask ? Thanks Nobita Kun
This is a great add-on for getting new users and letting them participate quickly in your forum. The author is open to any suggestions and implements them immediately. And above all, the add-on is free. Thumbs up!!!
This is really awesome. There was another version of this but it didn't work very well. So far so good with this one. Hopefully it'll turn more lurkers into posters!
Simply awesome. This is an add-on that may drive participation and generate new signups. Haven't experienced any bugs so far. Looking forward to seeing the effects. Thanks Nobita!
About time someone released this. This allows guests to easily start a reply and then register to have it posted in the thread that they want to respond to. Will help with user onboarding greatly.