[Nobita] Sendy.co Integration (Subscribe/Unsubscribe)

Unmaintained [Nobita] Sendy.co Integration (Subscribe/Unsubscribe) 1.1.8a

No permission to buy ($20.00)
Notable Changes:
  • Added new option to control the GDPR field. There are 3 sub-options: Disabled, Enabled and not required, Enabled and required.
Notable Changes:
  • Remove the field 'Agree with GDPR policy'. By default users may agree with forum privacy (XenForo did it) to continue use features inside it.
* * Fixed error array_shift() expects parameter 1 to be array
* Force user must be agree with GDPR while subscribe newsletters
* Fixed subscribe not working in register
  • Support GDPR while subscribe an list
Fixed: Can't use function return value in write context in....
  • Change the add-on version ID.
  • Fixed CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when an open_basedir is set
  • Added the option remove the old email in subscribed list when user change their emails
  • Fixed some bugs
I'm recommend to all users update addon to this version as possible :)
  • Move process to deferred to improvement some states.
  • Fixed the bug did not send the new email to sendy when user change their emails
  • More improvements