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[tl] Thread Custom Fields Links 1.0.4

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
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Description: Make a connection between threads.

  • Thread field IDs: Custom fields IDs which contain thread links for parsing
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How it's work?

Example a threadA you have put links to threadB, threadC and threadD. Then in the threadB, threadC, and threadC will display a link to threadA.
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  1. 1.0.4

    Notable changes: Only load data if needed

Latest reviews

This addon is very helpful if you want to link threads with each other. Let's say you have an important thread which has a lot of information. But you don't want to repeat every information of it in other places/threads. So, just create a custom thread field and put links of threads in it. Let's say you put 5 links. Now all 5 threads will automatically link back to this one important thread. This way you could for example link your announcement thread to multiple other threads or link your wiki thread to other threads. Thanks for this great addon.