Sendy Integration & Newsletters

Sendy Integration & Newsletters 4.1.5

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Notable changes:
  • Added new option "Add user to user groups" when they're subscribed lists.
  • Improvement creating newsletter item
Notable changes:
  • Improvement import large emails
  • Remove ATL text in logo image
  • Added rebuild newsletter items caches
Notable changes:
  • Fixed invalid column
Notable changes:
  • Fixed error on user did not have email
  • Improvement process subscriptions
  • Added manual sync subscription status
  • Fixed automatically sync subscription status does not work
  • Added new newsletter item option: Use wrapper which it allows you render custom template without default wrapper
  • Import users now include some extra data
Notable changes:
  • Added newsletters feature.
  • Rename campaigns to subscription lists
Notable changes:
  • Fixed user change email did not update in Sendy
  • Automatically remove user if they are being deleted in XenForo.
  • Improvement to sync subscription status
Notable changes:
  • Support batch update users to subscribe / unsubscribe campaigns
Notable changes:
  • Improvement flow to sync subscribe
Notable changes:
  • Fixed disable GDPR field still show in preferences page
  • Remove label with '...'
Notable changes:
  • Move subscribe campaigns to preferences page
  • Improvement sync subscribe status from Sendy
  • Added new campaign option support silent subscribe