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Post Reply 3.0.9

No permission to buy ($30.00)
Updates duration
12 months ($20.00 yearly renewable)
Visible branding
Allow replies in thread on more levels. This add-on uses a post system so you can have all permissions, features in the system and when uninstalling add-on your data is still there.

Enable replies on specific forums​

You can easily turn on or off replies on specific forums. You may run the rebuild tree caches if you change this option frequently.

Sticky first post?​

The add-on also allows the first post of the thread on all pages. It helps users read the thread content without going to the first page.

Attachments in replies​

Any attachment types work on ordinary posts; it also works on replies.

Extra features:

All other features work on ordinary posts; it also works on replies. For instance, IP logging to help administrators and moderators can give action on spamer, bookmark a useful post, report posts, reaction on posts and much more…

The add-on not only works with default XenForo features on posts; it also works with third-party add-on. For example, Anonymous Posting, Schedule Content, etc… If you have an add-on which has been made any customize on posts, it also works with this add-on.

  • Allow using post reply in certain forums
  • Sticky first post in all thread pages
  • Keep origin post content when make reply


This add-on does not require extra permissions to use. All users with permission to reply into thread can use this feature.

Working for old threads?

To make add-on working for old threads you need rebuild tree cache. You can see the rebuild option at: ACP -> Tools -> Rebuild caches


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Latest updates

  1. 3.0.9

    Notable changes: Improvement avatar vertical align.
  2. 3.0.8

    Notable changes: Fixed cannot delete post if parent is deleted.
  3. 3.0.7

    Notable changes: Support add-on [tl] Realtime add-on

Latest reviews

Developer has great add-ons but is often unresponsive in regards to customer support. Post Reply does not work for UI.X by Themehouse and the developer won’t even respond to me offering to pay him to make it compatible. I also bought Social Groups and 3 other add-ons and suffer this same lack of response. Buy at your own risk.
I saw this add-on being used on another forum and it looked awesome, so I bought it for my forum. I do not regret that! Really cool add-on!
Addon is very good, but amazing support is better than addon. Addon is compatible with many theme without any problem.
Thanks @truonglv
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