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What's New Digest 5.0.6

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A great addon that allows users to essentially subscribe to the whole forum (by default if you want) without having to individually subscribe to each subforum, and without getting a bunch of different emails. Especially useful for smaller forums or less active forums.
An absolute great addon that is extremely well thought out from a great developer. Highly recommend.
Excellent developer and add-on with many options. I really like that it's honouring Receive news and updates from us by email now.

I really like that it's very customizable (opt-in or opt-out) with daily, weekly or monthly email digest.

Thank you for creating this, Simon.
Thanks for this add-on. It is very useful for me for notice to my users when I put new content in my forums.
Excellent work and a really smooth process getting it done. It offers an excellent quality of add-on and I strongly recommend it.
I have now been using this for sometime and so far have had no issues with it at all. I can also see a vast improvement on my members interaction with my forum. Really a great one to add to your forum.
Excellent addon. This is brilliant, thank you very much Sim, extremely impressed, especially at this price :) A must for growing forums to keep the people engaged. Awesome work!!!!!
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