1. Sim

    Beta What's New Digest 4.0.0a

    This XenForo 2.0 addon sends a daily or weekly email to users with a list of top new threads and top updated threads. Configuration settings: A test tool is included to validate settings and to send test emails: Users can set their preferred email delivery period, daily or weekly (or...
  2. trangchongcheng

    Connection timed out with SMTP Email xenforo Config

    I config email SMTP with gmail for xenforo with info: port 587 User: my gmail | Pass: from app pass Encryption: TLS / SSL but i use Test outbound email then error and i cant register member for forum. This is error. ++ Starting Swift_SmtpTransport !! Connection could not be...
  3. CNK

    Not a bug Problem with email buttons on dark theme

    I have problem with styling button in my dark theme. I can't set background of button from emails. On the forum, the buttons are displayed correctly, whereas in the email the button has the same text color as the button background...
  4. X

    New Registration Email 2.0.0

    About: This add-on sends out an email whenever a new user registers at your forum. It is especially useful when you manually approve all new registrations, but also comes in handy in screening out spammers as the email provides you with handy information, allowing you to quickly decide whether...
  5. Foxum

    XF 2.0 Email being sent from server Xenforo is hosted on which is leaking IP

    I have two separate IPs hosted by digital ocean, I read I needed two servers with web servers to take advantage of cloudflare otherwise its impossible to hide your IP by hosting mail on the same server its sending from. I am running VestaCP on both servers and have disabled the mail function all...
  6. creativeforge

    XF 1.5 Email hostname fails - after error fixed will emails be resent?

    Hi all, we had 22 pages of server errors this morning (recent email options settings had a typo). They were fixed, but I'm wondering what will happen with all these unsent emails (over 500), which I assume are notifications and registrations confirmations. Will Xenforo try to resend them all...
  7. X

    User Mentions Improvements by Xon 2.3.4

    Improvements to XenForo's user mentions system. This addon was a private addon 2 weeks before public release. This addon is not designed to deal with large group memberships. This feature may be added in the future. Features: Mentionalable user groups. Customizable icon per group (small +...
  8. D

    XF 2.0 No longer able to send emails

    I have a new forum that I'm having email problems with. Initially, I tried setting it up using the 'Default' transport method, but emails were not getting sent despite the test outbound emails showing as having been successful in XF. So, I tried to set it up via SMTP instead. I got a G-Suite...
  9. Sim

    Beta Log Digest 2.0.0

    This XenForo 2.0 addon sends a summary of XenForo logs to administrators via email. Currently only server error logs are implemented. This runs using a XenForo cron task and can be configured to check for new log entries on a fixed interval (minimum 5 minutes). So you could have it send a...
  10. Tealk

    Banned emails; Trashmails & Spammails 2.0.0

    Navigate to the window below and select the banned_emails.xml or banned_emails_big.xml file that is included in the zip archive. banned_emails.xml - contains mostly only trash mails banned_emails_big.xml - contains trash mails and a large list of spam mails
  11. Sim

    XF 2.0 How to build canonical link to an admin route

    How can I generate a canonical link to an admin route using a template function in an email template? For example, in an admin template, {{ link('canonical:tools') }} generates the expected However, in an email template, it assumes a public route and...
  12. alexD

    AllowedEmails 1.0.0

    This add-on was generously funded by @Case. Please drop him a like if you'll be using this add-on! It provides a whitelist feature for email hosts.
  13. alexD

    Ban disposable or spam email hosts May 2018 Update

    7,350 temporary (disposable/throwaway) domains to get rid off. Navigate to the Banned emails page. Admin Control Panel → Users → User discipline → Banned emails Click on the Import button and select the banned_email_hosts_2018-04-03.xml file that is included in the zip archive. This list is...
  14. thumped

    Fixed Incorrect link in "Please update your email" notice

    not a show-stopper, but: 1. This notice links to a nonexistent page: i.e. instead of 2. The email address in question appears to be receiving mail from other senders without any...
  15. S

    XF 2.0 Xenforo Emails not working.

    Hi I know it says my password and or username are incorrect but I have just logged in with them copied and pasted and it worked fine so that is 100% not the problem. Do you know of any other reasons this error could be appearing. I am using G-Suite to manage my emails by the way. ++ Starting...
  16. CMTV

    XF 2.0 Email sending limits

    Hi! I am sending an emails to all email-subscribed thread watchers: if($watcher->email_subscribe) { $mailParams = [ 'solver' => $actionCaller, 'thread' => $thread, 'forum' => $thread->Forum ]; \XF::app()->mailer()->newMail() ->setToUser($watcherUser)...
  17. CMTV

    XF 2.0 Get thread watchers (with state)

    Is there a stable and clean way to get all users that are watching given thread including email subscription? Something like: $watchers = getWatchers($thread); I searched for this in xF code and found only this very strange construction: !empty($thread->Watch[$visitor->user_id]) I also found...
  18. Skelptr

    XF 1.5 Having Issues Setting Up Gmail

    Hello! I am having no luck getting the Xenforo email to function. It's impossible for any users to confirm their email, reset passwords, etc. Currently, I'm using a brand new Gmail account; here's what I have set up: However, whenever it tries to send an email, this error occurs and is placed...
  19. MattW

    Fixed Email invalid (bounced)

    I'm working through a bounce issue on a site, and when a user is updating their email address to a new one, the system is still sending a further email to their old (invalid) address, causing an additional bounce. This is then being counted by AWS as an additional bounce. So, the question I...
  20. Joel Smith

    XF 1.5 XenForo - Emails - SMTP Errors

    Hello Everyone! Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this post. I've been setting up my XenForo website recently and I've noticed, that none of the confirmation emails actually get sent. Because of this, I did some research and followed the instructions of some webpages to attempt...