1. PaulB

    Fixed Emails can get stuck in the queue indefinitely

    Currently, email queue processing works roughly like this: Mark entry as being processed by setting send_date 15 minutes into the future. If marking failed, it's already being processed; skip this item. Deserialize mail_data. If deserialization failed or is not an instance of...
  2. rolo

    XF 2.2 Send welcome email to users who upgraded

    Is it possible to send a welcome email to users who upgraded? Thanks!
  3. Surf_Rider

    Few questions

    Hey there! Need help with two questions. 1. How to moderate private messages (conversations) 2. Where email queue located ? Is it possible to flush email queue or this is a mail server issue ?
  4. JulianD

    Beta Amazon SES Bounces Support 2021-03-19

    Amazon SES Bounces Support This addon creates an endpoint in your forum that will be used by AWS SNS to send notifications about bounces and complaints. Since it doesn't creates the notification topics automatically it is your job to create them in the AWS console. Luckily enough, it consist...
  5. Will Franco

    XF 2.2 Activity Summary Email [Logic]

    Does the activity summary email include all-forums/nodes or only the ones the user has access to view? If only the ones the user has access to is there a way to send an activity summary to active users vanilla or with an addon that follows the same logic?
  6. DeltaHF

    Not a bug Email bans can be bypassed with sub-addressing and dots

    It is trivial to bypass XenForo email bans using sub-addressing (also known as "plus addressing") or, for some email providers such as Gmail, by inserting . dots between the local-part characters of the address. To reproduce: Ban Attempt to register a new account with...
  7. enivid

    Fixed Restrict password request rate for registered users who currently have no password set.

    Currently (XF2.2.2), when a user doesn't have a password set for their account and requests a password via the "Password and security" page, they can send any number of requests without any restrictions. Of course, they can only flood their own email account in such a way, but this also...
  8. NandorHUN

    XF 2.2 Is there any benefit to using "Default" as email option or SMTP? (Default doenst work for me for some reason)

    Hi Guys! I tried to set up "Default" email option 2 months ago, but I failed and wasnt able to make it work. I ended up using SMTP. But I wonder: Is there any benefit of using one or other? Which one is the better? And why cant I use Default? Thanks for the help!
  9. Jessiray

    XF 2.2 Activation Emails Not Being Sent

    Hello, I am posting on here because I have just installed Xenforo onto my Ubuntu 18 server. I read that email activation should work out of the box with the PHP mailer, however this was not the case. When using the php mailer, I get an 'email successfully sent' when doing an Outgoing Email Test...
  10. Jessiray

    How long after purchase does it take to receive a license?

    Hello, I have just purchased a Xenforo license with Media Gallery + Resource Manager. In my control panel it is saying I do not have a license. I also have not received email confirmation of the license. How long does it typically take to receive the license after purchase? Thank you!
  11. Napalm_beach

    XF 2.1 "See what you have missed" email

    I received the "see what you missed" email from this forum today, and I like it better than the Xf 2.1 default. Is that from 2.2, an add-on, or is it a custom project that's not available to the masses? Thanks!
  12. Mouth

    Lack of interest Display as image, or otherwise remove, smilies from emails

    Smilies are not not parsed, and their respective image displayed, in emails. Instead we just get the bbcode equivalent, eg. "[:lol:]" The bbcode is meaningless and detracts from the email, making it look amateurish or faulty. With email alerts for watched forums/threads and conversations, and...
  13. N

    XF 2.2 Best Email Setup

    Building a brand new board in anticipation of a mass migration and need to have bulletproof email settings. What should I do?
  14. asma

    XF 2.1 add new field to contact form

    Within the contact form .. I have name, email, subject and messages fields. Now, I have added "mobile" field to the form .. it shows correctly within the website. However, the received email doesn't include the mobile number that the user entered .. I opened the email template, but I don't know...
  15. Sal Collaziano

    A lot of Facebook signups with incorrect email addresses this, I don't know, normal? I haven't checked every account that may have registered with Facebook - all I know is that the majority of delivery errors to people who register at my various forums - are people who registered using Facebook. Is there something to this? Or are all these...
  16. JasonBrody

    XF 2.1 How to create Two Email Field at Registration Window ?

    Hi Everyone :) I'd like to know how to achieve this , means having TWO EMAIL input field at Registration template/window ?
  17. JasonBrody

    XF 2.1 Solution for Email validation to deal Email Bounce

    Hi, Currently I'm using Amazon SES for SMTP mail service, but recently I'm getting lots of Email bounce reports which is alerting in AWS account as member's are trying to register using invalid mail ID's (I've already restricted registration to Gmail, Yahoo mail only. Seems xenforo's integrated...
  18. JasonBrody

    XF 2.1 Configuring Amazon SES with XF 2.1

    Hi Everyone :) In the XenForo's email option settings here's my setups: Default email address: (this email also verified in Amazon SES) Contact email address: (my gmail ID) Email transport method: SMTP: Port: 587...
  19. Ehren

    Solution for mass emails

    Hi everyone, Earlier today I released updates to my products and sent out emails to my customers to alert them. Shortly after, my site was suspended by my host for sending mass emails (over 1,000) in a short time span. After confirming to my host that my site/email wasn't hacked, they...
  20. J

    XF 2.1 Changing email sending speed

    Hello, I have my XF installation configured to send emails using GMAIL. The problem with that setup that if the list of recipients exceed 75 user, GMAIL will issue a temp block. I am aware of other mail services that I can use but I would like to ask whether it's possible to configure/change...