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Currently I use send grid api for email verification on my site. I have a verified sender-support email where users should be able to reach out for any issues they may have. So far I have tried using the integration guide for outlook (doesn't seem to work), I have tried using a web event hook and pipe dream, also doesn't seem to work. I tried using the inbound parse feature which doesn't seem to work.

I do feel as if inbound parse is my best bet in accomplishing this goal. They state "SendGrid’s Inbound Parse Webhook allows you to receive emails that get automatically broken apart by SendGrid and then sent to a URL of your choosing".

When setting up inbound parse, it asks me for a url: "URL - The URL for the Inbound Parse Webhook to POST all parsed email information".

Does XF 2 have a post url built in or do I need to create a custom php script for this? Has anyone accomplished this? I have tried multiple other things including the rabbit hole of trying to add my own smtp service on my web server but this seems a little too advanced for me at the moment.

I am hosting my site locally on a web server using Windows Server 2019 IIS10.

If all else fails then I may have to just go with the ticket support system add-on.

If you require more info let me know and I will be happy to provide.
Does XF 2 have a post url built in

Short answer is no.

Webhooks from SMTP platforms and XF integration is the subject of many threads.

Either you build your own webhook endpoint or you could use a webhook platform such as zapier or hookdeck (or similar) to parse and send the emails to a dedicated bounce email addy and then setup the Automated Bounced Email Handler within Xenforo.

I use Mailgun and I then used Zapier to parse and send to a dedicated bounce-addy within our Gmail (Google Workspace) - a bit convoluted but works robustly enough once setup.

I did like the look of Hookdeck as a tool (and pricing is economic) but my CLI game is not quite strong enough (yet).
I'm confused about what you're actually trying to achieve?

Are you trying to manage bounced email replies? Or are you trying to manually manage replies via some type of helpdesk system? Or both?

Inbound webhooks are generally different from bounce handling.

I do something along the lines of what I think you're trying to do - but using SparkPost. My SparkPost integration with the forum to handle bounced message parsing required custom development. Genuine replies to emails I send go to my helpdesk system (not connected to XenForo).
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