1. F

    Add-on A sendgrid api integration to notice users update emails

    We have a request for an addon to connect to sendgrid api to get bounces emails and show a notice with update emails for all users, if you can do this please pm.
  2. threadloom

    Threadloom Newsletter 1.0

    Description Threadloom Newsletter lets you easily send smart email newsletters. It uses machine learning to select your best content. This produces newsletters with higher click rates, and saves you time. You can send newsletters automatically, or create a review panel to curate them with...
  3. threadloom

    Looking for feedback on a new email newsletter service

    We would love to get your feedback to better understand how forum owners think about email newsletters for their members. We have a short, 5-question survey that takes about 1 minute to complete. Every response helps! If we bring this service to market, we'll give higher priority to survey...
  4. S

    Sendgrid and Email Bounce Handling

    Hello. Previously, i used my own mail server to send email, and email bounce handling always works without issue. Now I just changed my mail sending method to Sendgrid's SMTP method. Should i change any email bounce handling setting? Update #1 : after monitoring sendgrid bounce log, and my...
  5. ESP_Pricing_Comparison