Sendgrid and Email Bounce Handling


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Previously, i used my own mail server to send email, and email bounce handling always works without issue.

Now I just changed my mail sending method to Sendgrid's SMTP method.

Should i change any email bounce handling setting?

Update #1 : after monitoring sendgrid bounce log, and my bounce email inbox folder, i think somehow email bounce handling does not work when i switched to Sendgrid.
Is there any setting that i should change?

Update #2 : after reviewing my raw email,
before sendgrid, "Return-Path" is my bounce email which is set in XF admin.
after sendgrid, "Return-Path" is modified by sendgrid into something else.
I think i should make a code to list all bounced email from sendgrid using this API

Thank you.
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i nearly got banned from sendgrid for a high bounce rate, but make sure you clean your email list with https://debo first otherwise you risk getting your account closed due to too many bounced emails.
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Is possible use in in 2020 ??

Sendgrid has a high rate of getting blocked by Ironports and various major ISPS due to spam abuse.

Have to be REALLY careful to use a plan with a dedicated IP to avoid issues.