XF 2.2 Can I send email notice of new threads/posts to non-member email addresses?


We have a situation where we have a handful of nodes/forums and would like email notifications sent to arbitrary email addresses when those forums are updated. These emails won't belong to users. For example it might be an alias email, or a newsgroup/mailing list email, or automatic ticketing system etc.

Effectively I want to "watch" a forum and send emails to any address(es) I want.
vBulletin had this in the settings where you could just type an email to send updates when the thread changed, it didn't have to be a member email.

Maybe XF can already do that, I don't recall seeing the feature so I thought I'd ask.

Also I'm not sure if we want to send emails for posts and threads, or just new threads, or every kind of update. Some options here would be good.
What's wrong with creating a member with the email you want to use and subscribing him to watch all forums with email notifications?
This is probably the best idea, and doesn't involve using add-ons. For example, we have a staff "emergency" mailing list set up through Google Workspace, and I could create a user account which would follow a couple of staff forums in our board, and send notifications of new threads or new posts where appropriate.
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