XF 2.2 Any progress on a 'new user' email notification?


We migrated from vBulletin so all the admins/mods are used to getting pinged with "new user registration" email notifications whenever a new person registered.

It was a 2nd or maybe 3rd line of defense if a spammer/bot got registered, the mods would see some shifty info in the email notification and could check and delete them before they post anything. They would also check the IP address if suspicious.

Of course, XF doesn't have an email notification for new users (I'm not talking about turning on the manual approve for new users).

I've found some posts of others with this question and many of those were for XF 1x.

The best I've seen is a link to this paid plugin: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/new-registration-email.6307/

While that is certainly cheap and I don't mind paying for it, it seems to me that getting a notification of a new user should be a basic built-in feature. I don't want our admins having to go search for new users all the time just to see if anybody new has registered.

There must be some trick to getting notified? Or is that plugin the only option we have at this point? Seems overkill to need a plugin just to get pinged in an email.

Anyway, is this on the future roadmap at all? The forums I'm working on is new and membership may grow slow at first, so the admin/owner would like to be notified of almost everything, registrations, spammers, new threads, etc. This way they don't have to manually go check it constantly for new things.
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