XF 1.5 Imported from SMF > Enable User Email Notifications Again


Hi all,

I imported my forum from SMF.

One issue I've come across is that all imported users are not set to automatically subscribe via email to new threads they create, or to threads they post in (but this is already set as the forum default.)

In addition, they aren't subscribed to imported threads from SMF that they themselves might have created or otherwise previously subscribed to.

I'm looking to do two things:

1) Reset every member's auto subscribe settings to the forum default (which is to subscribe via email upon thread creation, and to threads a user posts in.)

2) Subscribe each user to any thread they created and/or posted in within their post history (to catch all the subscriptions lost in the import.)

How can I achieve this?



That was a start. I ran the SQL code and in theory all existing users now are subscribing to new threads by default.

Thanks a bunch for that!

However, the 2nd part still needs to be addressed: all old threads that were created pre-import in SMF need to be 'subscribed' to by the users who created them and / or users who've posted in them.

Any help here?