What isn't imported from vB4? (and are subscriptions imported?)

Hi Guys,

Strongly entertaining a switch to XenForo (only other option would be MyBB) from vBulletin 4, but I have some questions.

What is *not* imported by default from vBulletin? I'm a developer myself, and very comfortable with databases, so I'm sure I could find a way to get xxxx copied over to XF if the importer doesn't do it, but I'd like to know what I'm getting myself into.

I'm presuming a switch to XF will retain old thread (and post) ids so I can (or XF will automatically) set up redirects for old links. Does XF also retain attachments? What about user email subscriptions to threads - does XF import those or will I have to manually set them back up? And user settings such as whether or not they receive email notification for thread updates?



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Albums are not imported unless using a gallery addon.

Social Groups are not imported unless using an addon.

Post ID's can be kept the same (an option when configuring the import)

Subscriptions will transfer, but when expiring, will not automatically renew if they are recurring.

Attachments are retained.

Archives, attachments, forums, members, threads, posts can be redirected via htaccess if content ID's are maintained or scripts if not.
Thank you for the prompt response. That's more than I thought would be imported, so awesome.

Can I ask what you mean by recurring subscriptions? I am talking about subscribing to email notifications for replies made to a thread?
(And is there a way to force emails to be sent regardless of whether the user has seen previous replies or not?)


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Thread watch stuff is imported.

Notifications are only sent once until the member visits/reads the thread again.