XF 1.4 What gets imported from Vb4? Importer options?


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I have a vb4.2.3 forum (suite) that has over 7M posts. I'm trying to find out exactly what the Xenforo 1.4.5 importer for VB4 will convert and what it won't. Some members have used the built-in groups, albums and blogs, and we use vbseo and vbgallery. I haven't seen much in the way of what the new importer can or can't do. I have licenses for xf, xf media gallery, enhanced search, resource manager, etc.

1) For example, does the built-in importer import vb4 albums? Will the XF Media Gallery import vbgallery attachments and redirect the old links/pages? Is it possible for the built-in importer to convert blogs and groups into threads?

2) This 3rd party importer https://xenforo.com/community/resources/vb4-importer.1025/ says that it can import blogs albums and threads. However, it's quite old and I don't know if there are things the new built in importer can do that are better, or if xf 1.4.5 breaks that importer.. Will it still work?

3) This expensive 3rd party importer https://xenforo.com/community/resou...importer-vbulletin-3-vbulletin-4.1981/reviews says it's very fast but I see no mention or sign that it deals with groups or blogs. However, it seems to include things that the others may not (like daily stats, reported posts, etc).

4) There's ARFI https://marketplace.digitalpoint.com/a-r-f-i-a-really-fast-vb4-importer.908/item that #3 is based on. Not sure how much was changed from ARFI but it would basically be free for me. I know PHP and shell but don't want to waste dozens of hours.

So the dilemma is that you can't use more than one importer, and every one appears to leave out things that the others don't. Any advice here? I requested a quote from a member on doing this for several forums, but I was told not to expect the groups and blogs to transfer (this isn't super important but would be nice).
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Have a look at @Brogan's thread here.
1) Thank you, that was helpful. Does xf media gallery has a way to redirect old links. Also what happens with things like ID numbers if you import both vbgallery and vb albums. What does the xf importer do with social groups. It says it imports groups, but what does it do with them?

2-4) Still wondering about these questions.

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Social groups and blogs will be lost if you don't use an addon to replace the functionality. Personally ive found the social groups addons to be quite clunky and most board owners end up dropping them anyway.

2) The old vb importer is as far as I know now non-functional.

3) It does not handle social groups or blogs, and that functionality wont be added unless XenForo adds those features with relevant importers as default.

4) The changes from 4 to 3 took hundreds of hours of work.