Awaiting feedback Some threads weren't imported from vB5

Affected version


Please refer to ticket. It is a +18 forum so I can't post the URLs here.

I found a thread id doesn't exist on XF (we preserved them)

There were no errors during the import (made through web browser). CLI import stops after import Private Messages so we did the import through the web browser instead.
I also let you know the import was made using the latest importer version and we are running the latest XF 2.1 version too.
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Chris D

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Just to be clear, are you saying that the importer brought something in as a category that was actually a forum in vB5?

I've identified the code that might be responsible for this, but it might be easier to debug if we were able to view your VB5 database tables if they're still available.

Would you be able to update the ticket you had open previously with access to this (preferably with PhpMyAdmin or similar).