XF 1.2 Importing users and some threads from an existing (vb) forum


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I am going to import all of my users from one of my vB forums, along with the threads from one of the sections, into my new XF board.

Should I just do a full import, then delete the threads that are not needed? Or is there a better way? I want to keep the usergroups too.

The board has over 2 million posts in total, but just 120,000 in the section I want to import (we are extracting a certain part of the site into a dedicated site) hence I'm wondering if there is a better way (mainly because of deleted content and how that might affect HD or DB performance).


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An alternative option is to make a copy of your vB forum.
Prune all of the content you don't want by deleting forums, threads, etc.
Then do the import using the pruned database.


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Be aware that doing it that way will result in large gaps between thread and post IDs.
You may not be bothered about that but some are.
So if you would prefer the thread and post IDs to match the quantity of content, do the pruning in vB and select not to retain IDs on import.