XF 2.2 Finally imported from XF 1, now old vB links broken

Migration was pretty clean except for trying to come up with a color scheme I was happy with. The big lingering issue is really old links no longer function - when someone clicks them they are instead sent to the /install script on Xenforo.

Originally the forum was on vBulletin (probably version 3, but it's been a long time and I'm not sure I remember correctly.) What's the simplest way to manage old links to they still find that existing content at the new URL? This all worked in XF 1.5, but broke on the migration to XF 2.2.

Running on the Centminmod platform, so it's nginx as a web server and I'm not sure .htaccess fixes will work.
htaccess will not have any effect on Nginx. XF 1.x and XF 2.x use different means to redirect. You need to install the free vBulletin redirect addon, and in it's options set the name of the import log table. It will put put a list of all tables that are a potential match for this, and you simply select and save.
Thanks. I tried that and it didn't work on the table I thought was most obvious (archived_import_log). I looked at the table list again and chose xf_import_log and it looks like that might have done it.

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