XF 2.2 Usergroup and forum permissions and avatars not imported from IPB 4.4.x

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Those 3 do not get imported on my IPB 4.4.10 import. Is that by default?
I got a couple of custom usergroups which all use main settings, I don't use secondary usergroups in IPB (didn't anywhere else either).

But if permissions are not copied correctly from imported usergroups, at least why are they not copied from the default registered groups?
No forum permissions at all got imported, everything is on "inherited".
No avatars got imported. I changed the default directory within the uploads directory. however this is changed automatically in the database too so I expected the importer to look where the paths are because it only asks for the uploads directory.

How can these 3 issues be fixed?
Thank you but I do have my avatars in the /uploads/avatars directory. The /avatars directory I created myself. IPB stores them by default in /uploads/montlysomething if I'm correct.
I can try to put them back if that would help, not a big issue.

The 2 other things are more important.
On any import you will have to double check all group and node permissions anyway so if they are off, you fix them. I don't see that as important as something like avatars. And I think XF says something like, they try but it is not perfect so always set your own after.
I know I have to double-check them anyway, but it's easier to fix them if they are set by the registered user default then 5 usergroups have all different settings. Which don't comply with either old forum and xenforo settings in any way.

I don't see that as important as something like avatars.
Odd. I see avatars as the less important because the users can easily upload them again.

Anyway, what I'm trying to figure out if the importer isn't doing something it should do with the permissions, wich could improve the importer.
And would be less time consuming maybe.
The IPS importer handles these user groups:
'userGroups' => [
    'guest_group' => 2,
    'member_group' => 3,
    'admin_group' => 4

switch ($oldId)
    case $stepConfig['guest_group']: // guests
        $this->logHandler('XF:UserGroup', $oldId, \XF\Entity\User::GROUP_GUEST);

    case $stepConfig['member_group']: // registered
        $this->logHandler('XF:UserGroup', $oldId, \XF\Entity\User::GROUP_REG);

    case $stepConfig['admin_group']: // admins
        $this->logHandler('XF:UserGroup', $oldId, \XF\Entity\User::GROUP_ADMIN);

    case 6: // mods (not configurable but this group is created by default)
        $this->logHandler('XF:UserGroup', $oldId, \XF\Entity\User::GROUP_MOD);

If your groups are custom/different then they won't be mapped to the XF default groups which are:
  1. Unregistered / unconfirmed
  2. Registered
  3. Administrative
  4. Moderating
I've got the same. But I have added 3 custom ones.
But if I remembered correctly, the Moderating group for example had view and view node (and others) set to no on the general tab, which is odd.

But forum (node) permissions aren't copied either. I just also did the SMF import and from the SMF import forum permissions are copied (but puts sub-forums as main forum).
So it looks like something goes wrong with the forum permissions importing of IPB.

By the way... I'm missing some nice overviews, but maybe looking at the wrong place.
On SMF and IPB I could directly see how many users where in which usergroup. Also when I clicked on the group I could see who these users are.
Doesn't Xen have a kindlike easy overview somehwere?
The user search system in the ACP can be used to get a list of members in each group.
Oke pity Xenforo has not an easy direct view.

I will try the importer bugs section for the forum permissions, thank you.
I wanted to ask here first, because it might be that I had made a mistake or missed something.
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