XF 1.2 Externally linked avatars not imported from phpbb3


I've just done a test import from pbpBB3 to XF1.2 which went fine, apart from the fact that none of the avatars which were hotlinked from external URL's were imported. In the case of the site I'm importing, that's basically all of them.

I don't believe XF supports offsite avatars, but is there not a way to get the importer to download all those externally linked avatars as part of the import process?



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You would need to either have custom development or find a method on phpBB to convert them to uploaded avatars.

Jake Bunce

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It should be a simple matter to modify the import script to download remote avatars. I can do this if you give me access to your XF forum and server, as well as permission to muck up the XF install while I do a couple of test imports for your avatars. Once I finish a successful test then you can reinstall the XF forum and import clean for a final run.

Downloading remote avatars during the import will slow down the user step a lot.
Thanks for the kind offer, Jake. I'll bear that in mind. I think I'll probably just forewarn the users though.

I'm keeping a closed archive installation of the old forum just to be safe, so people will be able to grab anything that is missed from there.