XF 1.5 [MyBB -> XenForo] Avatars not imported

I'm migrating my Mybb site to XenForo, and while the import process goes seemingly without errors, XenForo won't import the avatars from the Mybb. I'm using the absolute path and there is no error, just zero files imported.

The path to the uploads and the avatar folder in Mybb is /var/www/foro/uploads, and as I mentioned, XenForo seems to recognize this path just fine. I've also chmod 777 the upload folder recursively. Is there anything I might be missing? I've tried keeping the IDs and it doesn't seem to do anything either.


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What's the absolute path to the XF files?

The avatars are expected to be within an avatars/ directory within the attachments path. Note that we only import explicitly uploaded avatars. Does that directory exist? What are some files within it?
Absolute path to XenForo is /var/www/forobeta
Absolute path to MyBB uploads and avatars is /var/www/foro/uploads/avatars
There are almost 700 image files in the folder, all of them called "avatar_#", where # is a different number in all of them.

Note that we only import explicitly uploaded avatars.

I thought that maybe my users tend to link to their avatar more often than upload but that is not the cae. I have checked the mybb accounts and most of the avatars are uploaded to that folder.


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That looks like it should work. The only potential situation -- depending on server config -- is that the PHP process running within /var/www/forobeta can't access stuff within /var/www/foro. It may be worth copying the uploads directory to /var/www/forobeta/upload and pointing the importer at that. (Note that this will require a reimport to do.)