XF 1.5 Avatars are not imported (WBB4-->MyBB -->Xenforo)



I have my WBB4 in a MyBB1.8.8 imported, so far so good. Everything runs at MyBB.
When importing from the MyBB to the Xenforo, he already announced that no avatars were imported.
The path to the uploads from MyBB is: / www / htdocs / MyID / meinedomain / mybb / uploads
The path to the avatars is: / www / htdocs / myid / meinedomain / mybb / uploads / avatars

The avatars are also included in the Avatars folder. They also work in the WBB.
Only the importer is not interested. He just says 0 imported and ready.
He recognizes and imports the attachments in the Uploads folder.

Someone an idea?


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The typical cause of that is entering an incorrect path for the avatars when configuring the importer.

The other possibility is they weren't imported correctly from WBB -> MyBB.

Jake Bunce

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You should also verify the MyBB avatar data. In looking at the import code it only processes records from the users table with avatartype = 'upload'. The file names in MyBB are stored in users.avatar where it looks for a certain file name format:


For example: