Implementing permissions across multiple user groups

Implementing permissions across multiple user groups

Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
  2. 2.1
  3. 2.2
Having logged in to quite a few installations to resolve permission issues, it's clear that a lot of people haven't quite grasped the concept.

So here are a few pointers:

1. All members should have the Registered user group as their primary group - that includes moderators, administrators and super administrators. Like...​
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Latest reviews

I've been setting up XenForo forums for many years and this just blew my mind! 🤯 Thank you, Paul, for clearing up this permissions madness for us once and for all!
Thank you very much, appreciate such explanations very much ! I have also found that when building additional member groups it is quite important to assign the appropriate permissions.
This guide is still relevant for XF2 and should be required reading for new admins. Everyone's usergroups have different needs, but aside from "banned" it's hard to imagine a scenario where you wouldn't set Registered as the primary group.
Excellent resource. Coming from vBulletin, I was indeed misinterpreting the hierarchical/cumulative permissions structure in Xenforo. That meant effectively that I was inadvertently denying certain permissions to admins and moderators because they weren't also in the registered users group. Thank you.
Good to read! The first step to take is configure permissions and even if i had a good idea about groups, this resource was welcomed.
I was slowly getting there, but this info has fast tracked my understanding of perms, I really appreciate you adding this resource
Excellent information. Seems that most of us need to learn the basics before we have permission conflicts.
I am as guilty as sin.
Since reading this I have dropped groups, move all users and set the permissions up right.
thanks for taking the time to write this useful article.
Ahh, not how I did it over on MyBB. This is very interesting and also very helpful. Thank you. Time to get to work!
Very clear an concise, totally helped me straighten out my user permissions. Thanks for the guide Brogan!
I was struggling trying to set permissions for each group and the ones I created. This guide worked out like a charm, it explains the permissions very well. Thank you for the guide.
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