MineSync, for XF2

MineSync, for XF2 3.3.2 (S2.3)

No permission to buy (£35.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
  2. 2.1
  3. 2.2
Additional requirements
Server nodes require Java 8 or higher.
MineSync version 3.3.2 (S2.3) and higher requires server nodes to use Java 17 (or higher) and Paper. Users using older versions of Java, or Bukkit/Spigot, can use older versions of the server node.
nanocode license agreement: https://nanocode.io/terms
Updates duration
6 months support & updates included (renewable)
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment
MineSync brings the gap between your Minecraft server and your XenForo forum closer, by integrating both very closely. With MineSync, you can have your players link their accounts together, sync ranks, show usernames, UUIDs and groups on posts and profiles as well as an extendible API to sync more data to your XenForo forum with ease.

  • Players can link their Minecraft account on your server to your XenForo forum
  • Players can show off their groups on your XenForo forum
  • You can choose to sync your ranks from your server to your XenForo forum, allowing users to select a display group, or administrators to link an in-game rank to a forum rank and hence allow extra permissions on the forums.
  • Players can register via your server (using the /register command). This will link them to your forum, with their Minecraft account pre-linked, for them to complete registration by adding their details.
  • Simple and minimalistic, made for easy use
  • Players can have a block on their profiles and on messages showing their avatar, username and group
  • Players can have their avatar on XF be their Minecraft avatar
  • Language file system to be able to customise messages sent by the add-on
  • Configure and style MineSync to fit your community using in depth options, permissions settings and template/style properties
  • Focused on performance and load optimisation. Ideal for high player servers!
Have you ever wanted your ranks to be synced from your server to your forum? Have you ever wanted players to be able to link their server account with your forum? Have you wanted powerful MC integration into your website, with usernames, UUIDs, ranks and avatars? What about something like this:





This add-on can be purchased by the automatic system on nanocode's Products website.
Payments can be made via debit/credit cards (Stripe) and PayPal.

This add-on is distributed under the terms of nanocode product license. You can view it here: https://nanocode.io/terms

This add-on makes callbacks to the nanocode.io servers for the purposes of license validation and branding removal.
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MineSync Store - allow your players to purchase in-game ranks via user upgrades on your XenForo forum.
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  1. 3.3.2 (S2.3) update

    XenForo: Fix a bug relating to the server status widget, in cases where the server is offline...
  2. 3.3.1 (S2.2) update - bug fix

    Bug fix: Disable manual composer listener
  3. MineSync v3.3 update

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Latest reviews

The other night I had an issue on my site where the Minecraft account block wouldn't show under messages in threads. I submitted a ticket later in the night to address the issue.

The next morning at 8:05 AM, I received the first response from support. A couple emails later, back and forth addressing and confirming the issue, a new update was posted and I was notified in the last email in the thread at 9:01 AM. Within the hour I had that update on my site and the issue was fixed!

I do have one recommendation though. I've been installing add-ons from the admin panel via .zip files. I wish the resource was packaged a bit easier for easy drag and drop of the .zip file into the admin panel. What I've been doing is adding the "upload" folder, LICENSE file, and README file all into a .zip file and uploading that for ease of use without having to SFTP into the webserver.

Overall, phenomenal response and reaction times I must say. Easy to give 5-star rating along with ease of installing and setting up the addon and plugin. Keep it up!
Works well and was easy to install on both my forum and server. Had a question and technical support was very quick on their feet. Thanks guys!
Thanks very much for your kind review! Hope MineSync continues to serve your community well :)
Don't hesitate to get back in touch if you have any other queries!
The plugin does not work as intended, many functions are missing, not once the prefix can be edited. The support is no longer responsive to my messages and is otherwise unreachable. Pity!
This is misleading.

We've had 3 tickets from you. In the first, we replied in 2 minutes and resolved your issue. The second, we made over 20 replies across 3 days with a response time between 5 minutes and one hour, and you acknowledged our support was good. All your issues were resolved, and none were bugs in our software. We spent a *significant* amount of time on your ticket and issue, came onto your server to help debug, and found the issue was due to a third party plugin. They fixed the issue and you reported the issue was then resolved. We further answered a number of queries in this ticket for you with quick response time.

The most recent, the third, you reported an issue that we determined was user error, but you resolved this before we could respond and updated us accordingly. You then informed us that you wished to change the prefix [MineSync] in some chat messages. We informed you that is not currently possible. It cannot be changed in 2 specific error messages only.

It is deeply unfortunate that, despite our extensive support time dedicated to helping you use this add-on, you find the add-on is a one star. And that the inability to customise the chat prefix on 2 error messages constitutes "does not work as intended, many functions are missing". Nevertheless, we replied to your ticket 3 minutes after your latest response and have received no communications from you since, hence the allegation of now being unresponsive is inaccurate.
Exelent Resurce, I had some problem whit getting it to work, but they where patient and super helpfull! thx for good support
I did not receive my product after purchasing this add-on.

I don't recommend buying this add-on as this might happen to you as well.
Due to technical issues communicating with the PayPal API, your order wasn't immediately (& automatically) processed. We noticed the problem and contacted you within 1 hour of your payment so we could manually add the license to your account.

I don't think we could've anticipated this better, or offered faster/more prompt response in a rare event like this. We'd have appreciated if you contacted us to resolve such a problem in the first instance. Apologies for any inconvenience nevertheless.
Absolutely fantastic Addon and Minecraft plugin, working like a dream! Totally worth buying. Easy to set up and start using. Ultra-fast responses from support emails!
I've been highly interested in the resource since their X1 (for XF 1.x) and after having see many friends purchase this I decided to do so myself. Without a doubt one of the best purchases I've ever made, the price got me a little worried being higher than expected - but I didn't doubt purchasing afterwards.

This addon is easy to use, straight forward and really makes it easy to setup. A highly extra feature is that this allows you to disregard captchas by having players register from in-game - thus being less of a nuisance for your players.

It's a great cosmetic 'donator-perk' to have their rank show while they post. The team have always been very friendly and have answered my questions without any issues.

Overall amazing purchase, haven't regretted purchasing and certainly amazing to use. 10/10
My players seem to like the use of the plugin. We found a bug during implementing it, but were met with quick and very helpful support!
While Minecraft server owners should take care to read XF instructions on groups and permissions, MineSync really is an excellent solution for handling Minecraft to Forum integration in a way that will save you time and let you focus on improving your Minecraft server. The support is also top-notch -- quick, intuitive, and possesses a seemingly limitless patience. If you can swing the price, it's definitely worth it.
Great job with the add-on! The support is amazing and really fast. It really deserves the money. Recommend it!
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