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Forum Rules by nanocode allows you to set up per-forum rules to ensure your users are aware of them, and acknowledge them.

This is incredibly useful for certain forums that have specific rules associated to them, or to reiterate global rules that are specifically important in a certain section.

  • Create rules per forum and sticky the rules permanently at the top of the forum to ensure that users are always reminded of them.
  • Force users to accept the rules for a forum before they can view the forum.
  • Per forum configuration
    • Add rules for certain forums and not for others.
    • Change the acceptance type per-forum (force for some, only show for others).

Show rules at the top of a forum:

Force rule acceptance:

Per-forum configuration:

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Latest reviews

This add-on is a great way to inform your user base of specific rules which may be in-place on some sections of your community and not others. Overall, it works how it is supposed to and the developer is very responsive to support inquiries.

I had an issue that made it possible to bypass the rules screen in certain scenarios fixed on the same day as I requested support. Absolutely recommend!
"Force users to accept the rules for a forum before they can view the forum." bought the product for this reason. But you can't actually force them to accept before viewing the forum itself. Instead it's each node. If you're looking for something that'll stop the whole forum from being viewed this isn't the product you're looking for.
I'm sorry that the add-on did not deliver everything you expected.

The resource listing is very clear in the features offered. We repeat that the add-on allows you to configure "per-forum rules", the screenshots all only show specific forums having rules attached to them and are unambiguous in this regard. Indeed, the statement you've quoted also indicates the same. The 'forums' are the individual forums, and the board is the XenForo installation itself, and this is the same terminology used throughout XenForo's options. We've left no ambiguity in the resource listing or the screenshots, and made no suggestion that the add-on will force users to accept rules before viewing the board itself. We encourage all potential customers to contact us with pre-sales questions, either in the thread or via our support link.
Works perfectly! No issues! I have a forum where different boards have their own sets of rules, one which requires that the rules be read before entering, and this addon made seeting all of that up easy.
Thanks for your kind review! Glad to hear the add-on has helped your community :)

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you run into any issues or have any feedback/suggestions.
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