minecraft avatar

  1. nanocode

    MineSync, for XF2 3.1.1

    MineSync brings the gap between your Minecraft server and your XenForo forum closer, by integrating both very closely. With MineSync, you can have your players link their accounts together, sync ranks, show usernames, UUIDs and groups on posts and profiles as well as an extendible API to sync...
  2. truonglv

    [Nobita] MineCraft Avatar 1.4.1

    MineCraft Avatar Retriever Description This add-on will automatically download a user's Minecraft avatar head from Mojang's skin servers and use it as their profile picture on the forums. This add-on works with pre-existing users as well as users who are registering on your forum. The Minecraft...
  3. truonglv

    [Nobita] MineCraft Avatar [Paid]

    Nobita.Kun submitted a new resource: MineCraft Avatar - Allow using Minecraft Sevices Read more about this resource...