Keyword Linking by Siropu

Keyword Linking by Siropu 1.5.1

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Improved mass update feature where you can now select which fields to update.

Bugs Fixed
Keyword edit link in front-end visible to all users.
Mass update keyword selection not working.
Added the options to create keywords from AMS/IMS/Showcase items.
Added category settings for inline CSS and CSS class that can be applied to all the keywords in the category (except if the keyword has custom values for that).
Added the ability to order keywords by ID, alphabetically, click count or priority.
Added link to the admin options in the keyword list page.
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Fixed an issue with custom fields not linking on IMS add-on discussion thread.
Fixed an issue with apostrophes in keywords not being linked.
Added support for Bob's Item Management System add-on.
Added new option that allows you to easily assign/change category from the keyword list.
Added mass delete option that allows you to easily delete multiple keywords.

Bugs Fixed
Keyword filter search not working in current category, searching all keywords.
Added categories to allow you to group keywords.
Added clone option where you can create a new keyword from an existing one with all its settings.
Added import support for Ads Manager keyword ads where you can import the data.xml file.

Bugs Fixed
Export not exporting all fields.
When using icon feature to display keyword description on hover, on mobile it will display the description in an overlay when you tap the icon.
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Added keyword setting to only allow linking in certain nodes.
Added keyword setting to prevent linking if the keyword URL and page URL are the same.
Fixed some issues with the feature that allows you to empty cache for individual items, where some sections don't show the button or give an error when clicked.
Fixed an error with import when using "Node is not" setting.
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Added cron job to remove tag based keywords if tag isn't used anymore.
Fixed an issue where keyword is parsed inside code/icode bbcode.
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