Keyword Linking by Siropu

Keyword Linking by Siropu 1.3.15

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Added keyword setting to only allow linking in certain nodes.
Added keyword setting to prevent linking if the keyword URL and page URL are the same.
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Fixed some issues with the feature that allows you to empty cache for individual items, where some sections don't show the button or give an error when clicked.
Fixed an error with import when using "Node is not" setting.
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Added cron job to remove tag based keywords if tag isn't used anymore.
Fixed an issue where keyword is parsed inside code/icode bbcode.
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Added a new rel setting option where you can set if links are "nofollow" or "sponsored".
Added option to empty cache for each individual content item (thread, conversation, etc). It will display a button under the page title and it is permission based.

Fixed an issue where target and rel attributes are added to span element when no URL is provided.
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Fixed some issues with newer versions of AMP add-on.
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Fixed an issue where keywords are not linked on certain custom thread types.
Fixed an issue where keywords are not linked on certain custom filed types.
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Fixed a compatibility issue with AMPXF add-on.
Added support for suggestions thread type.
Added option to mass update keyword settings (can be found in options menu in keyword list).