1. truonglv

    [tl] Keywords Cloud 1.0.0

    Description: Display keywords which users used to searching thread X Options: Permissions: Results in thread:
  2. Siropu

    Keyword Linking by Siropu 1.5.1

    Allows you to link keywords in thread posts, thread custom fields, conversation messages, profile posts, resource manager descriptions, AMS articles and Showcase items. Keyword Options Replacement - Replace the matched keyword with something else Title - As an anchor title or as a tooltip...
  3. Savage_Titan117

    Lack of interest Receive Notifications Of Threads With Keywords In Title

    Originally put this on Hypixel's forums, but since it would be a xenForo feature I figure it'd be better here. Title pretty much explains it but I'll go a little more in depth. I receive an email every time a new thread is posted in the community help forum in case I'm not actually on the...
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