Lack of interest Receive Notifications Of Threads With Keywords In Title

Originally put this on Hypixel's forums, but since it would be a xenForo feature I figure it'd be better here.

Title pretty much explains it but I'll go a little more in depth. I receive an email every time a new thread is posted in the community help forum in case I'm not actually on the forums at that time to see the notification, but once every few days there are threads requesting help on various subjects in other forums (Mostly off-topic). So I'd like to see a new forum feature where you could edit your notification settings so that you receive one whenever a thread is posted with any of the keywords you have selected to be notified for.

Edit - It would have to be not case-sensitive.

Stuart Wright

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I like this idea, but I understand that the Xenforo alerts system is already a bottleneck and adding more alert processing might create an unreasonable load.
Maybe it will be possible in xf2.