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WPA and push notifications is being well received by our tester group of users , some say a "game changer" . It has however raised questions about tuning phone notifications to suit individual users needs.

Has anyone written a simple user explanation of how these features interact that they would be prepared to share?
I have checked the manual and forums but so far haven't found anything
Here's our draft

1. Notifications
Our website can let you know about forum changes by notifications.
Notifications can be delivered to you via
a. Email (Your email as set in forum)
b. Alerts appear here in website at top right (number indicates no of new alerts)

Note (new feature)
If web App has been installed and Push Notifications enabled you can set alerts to appear in phone notifications
See Next Post for installation details.

2. Watch
Watch as the name suggests lets you watch particular forums or threads you are particularly interested in.
To watch a forum or thread select Watch at top right of forum or thread

You will then see this (defaults selected)

Click Watch or adjust to your needs and then click

Items you are "watching" will notify you each time anyone posts

To check which forums or threads you have set to watch click below
Post 2
Over recent weeks the club forum has been updated to allow us to add new features

Web App
A feature called PWA allows a website to imitate an App on a phone by providing a dedicated icon which opens the website (web app) in its own window. Our forum supports web apps and you can install on most phones as easily as a regular App

Why do this?
Installing a PWA creates an app which allows phone (Push) notifications to be activated.
The app also removes all of the unnecessary browser buttons leaving a true app experience

Here's how to install a web App on a phone
a. Navigate to website or use qr code below
b. Install app from browser see specific browser options indicated with red arrow
Samsung Browser - click on down arrow in title bar to right of website address​
Chrome Browser - click 3 dots icon top right and select "install app"​
iPhone (Safari) from iOS 16.4- tap the share button scroll down to "add to home screen"​
You should now be able to find web app icon on your phone

Push Notifications
Mobile users are accustomed to receiving notifications that integrate with the built-in notification system of their device. XF alerts system integrates with these to provide push notifications that appear even when users are not actively browsing the forums.
The availability of push notifications is dependent upon users' specific devices, but all tier-one devices are currently supported.

Here's how to enable phone notifications
a. Open web App then click here to reveal personal settings and select preferences
b. Scroll a way down preferences until you see "Enable push notifications" in a blue box, click, it will then look like this
c. Keep scrolling and adjust "Push" checkboxes to decide which alerts come to your phone
d. Having selected push for items you want in phone notifications, scroll down even further & save

You can come back to preferences any time to adjust alerts and push (phone notification) settings
No. Push notifications are sent for new alerts and conversation messages, so you wouldn't get a push notification for anything which does not cause an alert.
No. Push notifications are sent for new alerts and conversation messages, so you wouldn't get a push notification for anything which does not cause an alert.
Thank you.
Still getting my head around the intricacies of this.

If I have
a. installed WPA on my phone
b. "Watched" a thread and
c. checked "Send notifications via" "Alerts" and
d. under Preferences "Replies to watched thread" I've checked Alert and Push
I will get a notification on my phone if someone replies to the post

However if I don't look at that thread (on my phone?) I won't get any further notifications until I do?
Is that correct?

Is this covered in documentation somewhere that I can provide to our users?
Yeah, that’s the same way the alerts have always worked. You only get one until you visit the thread again. It doesn’t matter what device you view the thread on.
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