Gift Upgrades

Gift Upgrades 2.2.2

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  • Now requires PHP 7.0+.
  • Now depends on Standard Library by Xon.
  • Properly hide "Gift" button for guests.
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  • Improve compatibility with a private add-on.
  • Add content gifting support for Calendar by NixFifty.
  • Add content gifting support for Article Management System by @Bob.
  • Minor phrasing tweaks.
  • Fix gifting user upgrade purchased by the gifter.
  • Add UI for gifting purchased upgrades from the Account Upgrades page.
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Thanks to @Xon for contributions to this release. :)
  • Re-introduce content gifting. Posts, profile posts, profile post comments. Last 2 require XF2.1.
  • Add missing legacy gift_callback.php endpoint for XF1.x migrations.
  • Add recently gifted post's widget (can migrate from XF1.x config).
  • Fixed alerts about received gifts.
  • Re-add user criteria.
  • Supports User Essentials "Custom User Upgrade Amounts" for gifts.
  • Supports Expiring User Upgrades to prevent sending duplicate notifications.
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  • Remove unused options.
  • Fix potential conflict when trying to gift an upgrade that you already have.