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  • s9e Media Sites
    s9e Media Sites
    Improves the performance and usability of media sites, and adds many popular new sites.
    • JoshyPHP
    • Updated:
  • Add-on Update Notifier
    Add-on Update Notifier
    🚨 Receive auto alerts when your 🛠️ installed add-ons have some 🆕 versions/updates available
    • mazzly
    • Updated:
  • Chat 2 by Siropu
    Chat 2 by Siropu
    Feature-rich, mobile-friendly chat application with Rooms, Private Conversations and more.
    • Siropu
    • Updated:
  • AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2
    AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2
    📈 Boost your mobile traffic with ⚡ Accelerated Mobile Pages and 🔋 Awesome Core Web Vitals
    • mazzly
    • Updated:
  • Change Content Owner or Date
    Change Content Owner or Date
    This add-on allows allows you to change the owner of content or the timestamp content.
    • TickTackk
    • Updated:

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[JUM] Spoiler Title J
default spoiler title mini hack
Sticky all pages AndyB
Sticky all pages 1.0 $35.00
Makes sticky threads show on all pages.
Remove stay logged in AndyB
Removes the Stay logged in checkbox during login.
Preserve moderator logs for spam and registration Marcus
Let's you have logs for spam handling and registration indefinitely
Allows an administrator to do a regular expression find and replace in the content of all posts.
[xFT] Pixlr Editor BegemotUral
Graphical editor Pixlr on Flash for xenForo.
[xFT] Photopea Editor BegemotUral
Graphical editor Photopea on HTML5 for xenForo.
Minecraft Avatars CMTV
Use your Minecraft skin head as avatar
[xFT] Text logo BegemotUral
This Add-on will replace the graphic logo with a text.
This add-on allows you to display a block at the top of the thread, to show users who have read the
Allows you to mass set display order of permission definitions.
Delete and move threads to a specific trash can node with two clicks.
[RemiDev] Member staff in conversations XenConcept
This add-on makes a small notice if there is a member of the staff in the conversation or not
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