Extended Two Factor

Unmaintained Extended Two Factor 1.1.2

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
  2. 2.1
Additional requirements
Fido U2F requires you to use HTTPS. More info: https://apantic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004819714-Requirements
Updates duration
6 months support & updates included (renewable)
Visible branding
Account security is essential. Provide your users with choice and increase account security.

Extended Two Factor by nanocode aims to add more 2FA methods that are more secure and convenient for your users.

Current supported 2FA methods:
  • Security Key (Fido U2F), adding support for YubiKey as well as other U2F security key devices
  • SMS 2FA (via Twilio*) to allow users to use their mobile phones as 2FA devices
Other features:
  • Enable/disable 2FA providers, giving you (the administrator) control over what 2FA methods can be used by your users. Disable 2FA methods you find insecure or do not wish to offer.
This add-on can be purchased by the automatic system on nanocode's Products website.
Payments can be made via credit/debit cards (via Stripe) or PayPal.

This add-on is distributed under the terms of nanocode product license. You can view it here: https://nanocode.io/terms

We pride ourselves on having fast support response times and quick bug resolution.

If you have any problems, please create a ticket.

* Please note that Twilio SMS charges will apply. See: https://www.twilio.com/sms/pricing
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Latest updates

  1. 1.1.2 update

    This add-on version includes some bug fixes and makes some other code changes: Fix bug where...
  2. Re. Support and updates period

    We currently include 12 months complimentary support and updates with all license purchases. As...
  3. v1.1.1 update (bug fixes)

    This add-on is a bug level release, it fixes the following bugs: Remove 2FA providers from...

Latest reviews

Despite the potential of this extension that could actually enhance the security of users on Xenforo, the developers behind this extension are absolutely not listening to these customers and drag to update the extension after sending more than 20 emails about problems of use with YubiKey or double authentication by SMS, the two important features to the extension does not work badly or not at all. The extension has potential but not the team that maintains it.
Hi. Thanks for your feedback. Do you have a ticket number for reference, as I cannot relate your complaints to a ticket we're familiar with?

Regarding double authentication by SMS, if you're referring to the fact that if a new login is initiated where SMS is the 2FA method that a new code is sent out, this is as-designed behaviour and not a bug - and this is the same behaviour most sites implementing SMS for 2FA use. We're aware of a concern that this could be abused to spam requests and will consider implementing some sort of maximum limit in a period, but note that this could also result in locking legitimate users out of accounts.

Regarding Yubikey, we're aware of some concerns getting it to work. In most cases, these can be due to incorrect configuration. Your board URL must be the same URL as the one the user is accessing it from, and you must use HTTPS. If you're certain these conditions are fulfilled, and have tried the latest version, please make a ticket so we can further investigate.
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