Extended Two Factor

Extended Two Factor 1.1.1

No permission to buy (£15.00)
This add-on is a bug level release, it fixes the following bugs:
  • Remove 2FA providers from database on uninstallation
It also adds a minor feature:
  • Log U2F errors in console to aid debugging
Extended Two Factor v1.1.0 mainly adds two new features that you will hopefully love:
  • SMS 2FA method (via Twilio). Allow your users to use their mobile phone as a 2FA device*.
  • Enable/disable 2FA providers, giving you (the administrator) control over what 2FA methods can be used by your users. Disable 2FA methods you find insecure or do not wish to offer.
* Please note that Twilio SMS charges will apply. See: https://www.twilio.com/sms/pricing
This release fixes a bug which caused the U2F 2FA method to not work, as a file was missing from the archive.
  • Include u2f.js within the release package