two factor authentication

  1. nick97000

    Lack of interest More Accounts Security and Profile Completely Steps Feature Request

    DEVICE MANAGEMENT System Protect users accounts with alerts for unusual activity Account security is critical in any organization or community, so users can review the devices on which they are currently logged in to check for suspicious activity, as well as receive an email alert whenever a...
  2. nanocode

    Extended Two Factor 1.1.2

    Account security is essential. Provide your users with choice and increase account security. Extended Two Factor by nanocode aims to add more 2FA methods that are more secure and convenient for your users. Current supported 2FA methods: Security Key (Fido U2F), adding support for YubiKey as...
  3. Infopro

    Third party Two Factor Auth Forum Title in App

    Using Duo Mobile for 2FA, the forum title is not displayed in app. It should be: forumstitle:username, but it shows up as, username.
  4. R

    Unmaintained German translation for Threema Gateway 1.0

    This is the official German translation (in du or sie version) for Threema Gateway (two-step verification, SMS replacement) If you find mistakes or can improve something you can contribute to these translations on GitHub.
  5. R

    Threema Gateway (two-step verification, SMS replacement) [Deleted]

    rugk submitted a new resource: XenForo - Threema Gateway (two-step verification) - Two-step verification/Two-factor authentication using the secure instant messenger Threema Read more about this resource...
  6. dieketzer

    Lack of interest 2FA: link apps prior to 'enabled page'

    i am finding that members are hesitant to click 'enable' because they are afraid it will enable 2FA without first allowing them to install the requisite phone app. it would be great if users could get the links and install the apps prior to clicking 'enable'. if they could, its likely that more...
  7. ThemeHouse

    [TH] Two Step Authentication Essentials 1.0.4a

    Enhance the security of your forum with our Two Factor Authentication add-on, featuring YubiKey support. This add-on currently adds the following features: YubiKey OTP Support (Supports every YubiKey produced to date) Ability to enable/disable specific two step authentication methods FIDO U2F...