two factor

  1. Kruzya

    Disable autocomplete for TFA verification code input

    Currently on form with entering code, browser tries suggests previously used codes: I suggest add autocomplete="off" for disabling this noisy feature, because probability of falling out previously received and already entered code extremely small.
  2. Kruzya

    [Telegram] Two Factor 2.0.3

    Allows enable your Telegram account as Two Factor provider. Two methods is available now: One-time code. You receive code from bot which the should be entered in browser on website. Buttons. You receive two buttons from bot (Accept/Decline). After pressing "Accept", authorization will be...
  3. 021

    [BS] Telegram 1.0.0b

    .features: Developing your own commands for the bot Two-step verification via Telegram Send notifications to Telegram Disabled in options Notification distribution from the admin panel is duplicated in Telegram
  4. nanocode

    Unmaintained Extended Two Factor 1.1.2

    Account security is essential. Provide your users with choice and increase account security. Extended Two Factor by nanocode aims to add more 2FA methods that are more secure and convenient for your users. Current supported 2FA methods: Security Key (Fido U2F), adding support for YubiKey as...
  5. R

    Threema Gateway (two-step verification, SMS replacement) [Deleted]

    rugk submitted a new resource: XenForo - Threema Gateway (two-step verification) - Two-step verification/Two-factor authentication using the secure instant messenger Threema Read more about this resource...