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  • s9e Media Sites
    s9e Media Sites
    Improves the performance and usability of media sites, and adds many popular new sites.
    • JoshyPHP
    • Updated:
  • Add-on Update Notifier
    Add-on Update Notifier
    🚨 Receive auto alerts when your 🛠️ installed add-ons have some 🆕 versions/updates available
    • mazzly
    • Updated:
  • Chat 2 by Siropu
    Chat 2 by Siropu
    Feature-rich, mobile-friendly chat application with Rooms, Private Conversations and more.
    • Siropu
    • Updated:
  • AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2
    AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2
    📈 Boost your mobile traffic with ⚡ Accelerated Mobile Pages and 🔋 Awesome Core Web Vitals
    • mazzly
    • Updated:
  • Change Content Owner or Date
    Change Content Owner or Date
    This add-on allows allows you to change the owner of content or the timestamp content.
    • TickTackk
    • Updated:

Trending resources

[XenConcept] Username Change XenConcept
This add-on allows the user to change their username.
[ITD] Thread Starter Banner XFA
Castomizable banner in all posts of thread for thread starter.
[Banxix] Multiple Options For BBCode Banxix
Allow BBCode to have multiple options
ITD BB Code Media Site XFA
Embed Audios, Videos, Books and Games from
Criteria Builder CMTV
Import/export/write custom criteria for trophies, notices and user group promotions. NO LIMITS!
Spam trigger prune config X
Makes the spam log prune duration a little more configurable.
Separate cache configuration for session data
[XD] Disable Right Click XDinc
Content Copy Protection & No Right Click
[AH] Font Awesome Matt C.
Add Font Awesome 5 icons to various areas.
Make thread title more useful to readers
[AH] Discord Widget Matt C.
A customizable discord widget.
[AH] Twitter Widget Matt C.
Customizable twitter widget
ITD 4M Ribbon for Thread Starter XFA
Multi-Color Multi-Language Multi-Value Multi-Position Ribbob for Thread Starter
ITD 5M Multipurpose Button XFA
A Multicolor Multilanguage Multivalued Multilocation Multipurpose Button for your Board.
[ITD] Additional Copyright Bar II XFA
Additional Copyright Bar for your Board
[XTR] Collapsible Sections XDinc
Collapsible nodes and user extras.
[ITD] Custom Icon for Trophies II XFA
Include icons to your trophies instead of points
[XenGenTr] Welcome Panel eTiKeT™
Welcome panel for the users.
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