[Liam W.] Title Permission Strings

[Liam W.] Title Permission Strings 2.1.1

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Changed :
  • Changed add-on title to [Liam W.] Title Permission Strings.
  • Some change in the Setup.php.
Added :
  • Added a LICENSE.md file for the MIT license.
Removed :
  • N/A
Note :
  • This version of the add-on requires version 2.1.0 Beta 1 and higher of XenForo.
If you have questions, ask me !
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Added per-string permissions:
  • Permission to bypass string
  • Permission to use string
Note: There is a new global 'Use permission string' permission that must be granted for users to use permission strings, in addition to the forum permission.
  • Add missing phrase
  • Prevent error when moving posts to a new thread