UserVoice (XF 2.1)

Unmaintained UserVoice (XF 2.1) 2.2 Beta 2

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
Mark some of your forum as UserVoice forum for allow users like/dislike threads on it. UserVoice forums marked with lantern icon at news feed. At forum view staff answers should be poster below thread (see screenshots).

Technical description:
Extend forum class by flag for make it voteble. Create uservoice reactions and allow use it for threads. BB code for add thread status to post

Migration from XF2.0 version of addon:
Just upgrade addon with new files. But please, make backups, i give no guarantees all should work fine

Support of XF2.2+:
Do not install this addon to XF2.2+, that will break your board. This version of addon for XF2.1 only. For XF2.2 will be another resource created, after it's release

  • 197366 - Uservoice Forum View
  • 197367 - Thread Edit
  • 197368 - Forum Edit at admin panel
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