1. hirowatch

    Elegance 2

    hirowatch submitted a new resource: Elegance 2 - Light style in red and blue tones for XF 2.x Read more about this resource...
  2. hirowatch

    Unmaintained Elegance 2 1.0 beta

    Stretched style of Elegance 2 with some modifications. The style was created based on the style from the first branch https://xenforo.com/community/resources/2420/ Demo
  3. N

    Lack of interest Usertitle line break BBCode

    It's hard to get multi-line usertitles looking neat without the possibility of manual linebreaks. In vBulletin this used to be possible using HTML usertitles. Instead of this, could you add a [br] BBCode which can be used in the usertitle field?
  4. Woislfr

    Not a bug [2.1version XF] Reactions not working :(

    Hello folks! I had 2.0.6 XF and after that installed 2.1.0 version with custom theme. After that I can't exactly find the error, cuz in Styles&Themes -> Outdated templates is empty. Old likes possible to see, but I can't react right now to any post, here I'm providing 2 type of errors and...
  5. WeaponOwl

    Unmaintained UserVoice (XF 2.1) 2.2 Beta 2

    Description: Mark some of your forum as UserVoice forum for allow users like/dislike threads on it. UserVoice forums marked with lantern icon at news feed. At forum view staff answers should be poster below thread (see screenshots). Technical description: Extend forum class by flag for make it...
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