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  • Unmaintained [CTA] Countdown Timer
    Sets up a sidebar countdown block that can be managed from the ACP
    • EQnoble
    • Updated:
  • Sidebar Avatars
    Sidebar Avatars
    Replaces usernames on the list of online users with their avatars
    • Chris D
    • Updated:
  • Most Likes
    Most Likes
    Displays a Most Likes sidebar block.
    • AndyB
    • Updated:
  • Statistics
    Adds additional information to the forum statistics block located in the sidebar.
    • AndyB
    • Updated:
  • Members Online
    Members Online
    Shows members who have been online for the past number of hours.
    • AndyB
    • Updated:
Puts your Ventrillo Server in the sidebar.
Put your Game Tracker servers in the sidebar.
Puts your TeamSpeak server in the sidebar
Progress Bar can be scaled to show just a progress bar, a log, any media, or anything you really wan
This Addon shows an Unread Threads Counter in the Visitor Panel in the Sidebar
Xen-TR Latest Users DrYontem
Shows latest registered users
Xen-TR Most Liked Users DrYontem
List users order by their like counts
Xen-TR Most Trophy Users DrYontem
Listing users order by their trophies
Sidebar Block Members Online Auto Refesh DRE
'Members Online Now' sidebar block refreshes every 30 seconds.
[RT] Custom Sidebar Block Daniel 'RTRD'
This can be used for those who don't have XenPorta or Widget Framework
Adds a search, facebook, and twitter widget to the [bd] Widget Framework.
Snippet to put 4 advert images to sidebar
Display recent status comments in your forum sidebar.
This add-on add a block for affiliates sites on the sidebar.
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