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Friend Inviter Block for XenPorta 1.0.0

Friend Inviter Block for XenPorta

  1. Gopala Subramanium
    As this is just a block for Friend Inviter in XenPorta, it has following dependencies (simply means that these have to be installed and configured):
    1. Download the attachment and extract the file
    2. Goto AdminCP >> Blocks [under XenPorta Option]
    3. Click "+ Install Block"
    4. Select the downloaded file in step 1 above and then click "Install Block"
    5. Goto AdminCP >> Portal [under XenPorta >> Layouts Option]
    6. Drag the "CMSFriendInviteBlock" to the desired position
    Demo: www.FixMyStuff.In

    Hope this was helpful.

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