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  1. 1.0
  2. 1.1
  3. 1.2
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This is a very simple modification on your community to force the user to disable AdBlocker to see advertisements to continue. I did not make it a paid one because I understand that most of our sites' one of the primary source of income are Advertisements.

In return...
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Gopala Subramanium
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Outstanding, so I just donated - well worth the money. One question - I added a conditional statement allowing registered users to bypass this adblock blocker code.

One problem - if they are not logged in, they get the blocking ocde, but can't get to the login screen. Any idea around this? I'd like to include code that says, "click here to login."
Gopala Subramanium
Gopala Subramanium
Thanks for the donation and review. I have posted the solution on the discussion board. Hope this solves your problem. Thanks :)
Sweeet thanks! Looks good with my dark theme imo. :P
Gopala Subramanium
Gopala Subramanium
Thanks for your review.
Simple piece of code that works. Instead of the footer I am using it the resource_view_header template only.
Gopala Subramanium
Gopala Subramanium
Thanks for your review.
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