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Members Online 1.9

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.5

Shows members who have been online for the past number of hours.

Live example:

(Example of Members Online block )


(Example of Members Online block with Show Avatar option enabled)


(Example of Options page)


(Example of User Group Permissions)


  • Immediate update to the Members Online block.
  • Who sees the Members Online block is controlled by User Group Permissions.
  • Usernames sorted alphabetically.
  • Number of usernames easily adjusted by limiting the Hours in the Options page.
  • Members who have "Show online status" unchecked will only be seen by staff.
  • Members waiting for registration approval will not be shown.
  • User Group Styling will highlight usernames.
  • All phrases start with membersonline_ for your convenience.
  1. Download and unzip it.
  2. Upload the Andy directory to your server, the correct location is library/Andy.
  3. From your Admin Control Panel, go to the Install Add-on page.
  4. Upload the addon-MembersOnline_v1.9.xml file.
  5. Click the Install Add-on button.

This add-on requires the Sidebar Positions add-on located here:



If you change the Hours, you will need to also edit the membersonline_title phrase to reflect the hours in the Options.

Title Link

This field is used to enter an optional link. For example you can link the title so that when it's clicked the Members page is displayed.


To create an index where you can show what each user group color means, enter the following example code into the "Index" field of the Options page.
<span style="color:red;">Administrator</span> - <span style="color:#176093;">Member</span>

Show Avatars

Show Avatars instead of links. This option is more suitable for smaller forums so the Members Online block is not to large.

Questions and Answers:

Q: Will this work with other frameworks?
A: No.​

Sending a donation:

If you like this add-on, please consider sending a small donation.

Thank you.
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Latest updates

  1. See description

    Members Online v1.9 changes: Fixed sidebar block to be compatible with latest version of...
  2. See description

    Members Online v1.8 changes: This new version of Members Online requires XenForo v1.5x.
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    Members Online v1.7 changes: Added membersonline_title phrase.

Latest reviews

Super easy to install and it adds the ability to add some color on the sides with the avatars of the members. Other members respond well to seeing a picture of someone they know, this encourages folks to add their own custom avatar too!
Migrating our forum from vB to XF, this is another must-have add-on that our members were used to. The INDEX feature is very handy for color-coding different usergroups and easy to implement with this add-on.
Everytime I need something, AndyB has an add-on. Just wanted to hide "members online" to guests in sidebar but this does that, plus things I didn't know I wanted as well. Thanks!
Andy resources are always top-notch. I have been using this for a while and it works great, forum appears to be more active because of it. Thanks Andy, keep up the great work, XenForo Community needs people like you.
Andy is the best! His support is always available...............! He never lets you down, so make sure you check all of his add on's :
A must have addon to show the activity of your forum, so it will attract visitors and possible new members. Andy knows how to keep a forum alive and kicking for many years. I learned a lot from him!
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