Resources by AndyB

Twizzle AndyB
Twizzle 1.1 $35.00
Adds a Custom BB codes called Twizzle.
Cube AndyB
Cube 1.1 $35.00
Adds a Custom BB codes called Cube.
Chat box AndyB
Chat box 1.3 $35.00
A chat box for your members.
Featured images AndyB
Featured images 2.6 $35.00
Displays a block containing featured images.
Security lock manager AndyB
Automatically sets security lock on inactive accounts.
Auto delete by prefix AndyB
Auto delete threads based on prefix.
Conversation search AndyB
Conversation search 2.5 $35.00
Allows searching conversations.
Last activity AndyB
Last activity 1.0 $35.00
Shows number of inactive users.
Who voted AndyB
Who voted 1.1 $35.00
Shows who voted in a poll.
Remove last edited AndyB
Remove last edited 1.9 $35.00
Removes last edited message and options.
Registration code AndyB
Registration code 1.2 $35.00
Adds a registration code field to the register page.
Link check plus AndyB
Link check plus 1.3 $35.00
Shows a list of posts and if available an archive link for any URLs which return HTTP status code 40
Post notice all AndyB
Post notice all 1.1 $35.00
Updates all posts which require a post notice.
Birthday thread AndyB
Birthday thread 2.4 $35.00
Automatically creates birthday threads for your members.
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