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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
  2. 2.1
  3. 2.2
  4. 2.3
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Adds Amazon affiliate ID to links in all messages.

The Amazon parser all add-on will update existing Amazon links to links which include your Amazon affiliate ID number. This add-on will go through every post on your forum and update Amazon links.

In addition to the Amazon parser all add-on, you will want to install the companion Amazon parser add-on.

The Amazon parser add-on is used to converted Amazon links immediately after a message is saved.

(Example of Options page)


(Example of Amazon parser all page)


  • Different affiliate IDs can be added for each country
  • Adds affiliate ID to Amazon product links.
How to use with browser:

If your forum has fewer than 1M posts use this method.

Go to the Amazon parser all Options page and add your appropriate Amazon affiliate ID.
Add 'amazonparserall' to your forum URL and press the enter key.
Go to Rebuild caches page and click the Amazon parser all button.

How to use with CLI:

If your forum has more than 1M posts use this method.

Log into your server terminal.
Navigate to the directory where you have XenForo installed.
Enter the following command:

php cmd.php xf-rebuild:amazonparserall

Questions and Answers:

Q: Once I have converted all the Amazon links can I uninstall this add-on?
A: I suggest running this add-on once every few months to verify all Amazon links have been converted.

Q: Will my affiliate tag be added to search links?
A: No. This add-on is designed to add your affiliate tag to Amazon product links.

Q: Which directory should I be in to run the terminal command?
A: The directory your forum is installed in.
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    Amazon parser all v4.1 changes: Fixed variable name.
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    Amazon parser all v4.0 changes: Added to options page.
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    Amazon parser all v3.9 changes: Improved detection of Amazon links.

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Does the job its intended to do, and only left amazon links which are not product based -- so effective at distinction.
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