Members Online

Members Online 1.9

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Members Online v1.9 changes:

Fixed sidebar block to be compatible with latest version of Sidebar Positions.

This version of Members Online v1.9 is designed for use with XenForo v1.5x.
Members Online v1.8 changes:

This new version of Members Online requires XenForo v1.5x.
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Members Online v1.7 changes:

Added membersonline_title phrase.
Members Online v1.6 changes:

1) Added Index option.
2) Added option to add title link.
3) Made other CSS and PHP changes.
Members Online v1.5 changes:

1) Added User Group Styling code. Now user groups with CSS styling will be shown in the Members Online list.

2) Added "Total" to bottom of list. This is the total members including invisible members that have logged in the past X hours.

3) Members Online list now immediately updated.
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Members Online v1.4 changes:

1) Clicking on a username now brings up the member card instead of the profile page.
Members Online v1.3 changes:

Added code to correctly exclude banned members from showing on the Members Online sidebar block.
Members Online v1.2 changes:

Members who have "Show online status" unchecked will now be seen by moderators.
Members Online v1.1 changes:

Added User Group Permissions.