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Unmaintained [CTA] Countdown Timer 1.7.5_00_EQnoble

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Base jQuery Countdown Script from:
Original edits implemented by: Brogan
Original timer options added by: Mikey

This will simply apply a block to your sidebar that has a countdown in can be customized to match your forum or it can just use the style's color scheme.

Installation instructions:
  • Download & extract the addon zip file
  • Upload the contents of the UPLOAD folder to your xenforo's root installation directory
  • Install from addon-cta_cdtimer_sidebar.xml
  • Edit the options for Clip The Apex's Countdown Timer in your forums admin control panel and setup to your needs.
If you would like to use this the WFw see this link.

Activate, set time and save.



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Latest updates

  1. Widget Fix

    I had to split the widget framework block into its own addon so that those who don't have WFw...
  2. Added custom renderer for WFw

    Thanks to some help from @xfrocks using this with the widget framework becomes a quick switch...
  3. Full Widget Framework integration

    XFrocks has pointed out some of the newer renderers that have been created since I first made...

Latest reviews

Works great with XF1.5, nice smooth looking even in UI.X styles, one can avoid weeks, easy to translate, great addon. Thank you!
A very helpful resource, and most of all, very much suport from @EQnoble! With this recource i'v managed to make my site to look very good. This feature was exacly what my site needed, to be a elegant website!

@EQnoble helped me with all the information i needed, including custom codes when i wanted to change the aspect / colors of the add-on.

Again, thank you @EQnoble for all the help and thank you for this usefull addon!
Works great! I'm using it as a countdown to a film making contest deadline on my site. :) Hopefully it eggs even more people to submit a film. We'll see.
Options groups not found why acp->Options-> Options Groups->>..........................................................................................................
I have no clue what you are talking about, how did you even set the timer if there is no option group.
Exactly what we needed for the countdown to "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies". Looks nice and works well, with lot of options in the Admin side. I'm using it as a widget with [bd] Widget Framework
Works great!
Excellent ! Thank you.
Works perfect, thank you :)
It's great!
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