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Unmaintained [CTA] Countdown Timer 1.7.5_00_EQnoble

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I had to split the widget framework block into its own addon so that those who don't have WFw installed before installing this will have no problems.

The file is located within HERE and should only be installed if you already have the countdown and WFw already installed.
Thanks to some help from @xfrocks using this with the widget framework becomes a quick switch, if you need to do this update...

Updated WFw Instructions
XFrocks has pointed out some of the newer renderers that have been created since I first made this which allow for all the functions of the countdown to function properly so for using one of those I have created a template specifically for this purpose
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Under some configurations (Default settings + Using custom colors) the digits stack instead of sitting parallel to each other.

If you are savvy and want to adjust it yourself instead of updating it is .dash {width = (the if with 19px should be 24px)}
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First the zip archive was missing the library folder so if you uploaded it as per the instructions you will receive errors.

If you did that please go to your forum root and delete the 'CTA' directory which should have been in the library folder.

At this point uninstall the addon, grab the update follow the instructions.


You must now check an on/off box in the options and save in order to activate the timer. This prevents the errors that Adam pointed out show up when installing and not setting and saving a date.
This update eliminates a js error.
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As the title said I have added a toggle for displaying seconds as well as cleaning up some stuff a little bit as well.
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This update fixes the broken functionality of converting weeks to days when choosing to not display weeks.
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Page implementation and browser compatibility issues.

Use this anywhere that you can use html
<span class="ctaPagehook"><xen:include template="cta_countdown_main" /></span>
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